Just as the government forms for your LMIA application can be intimidating, so can the payroll forms and processes that come after you have hired your foreign worker/caregiver. If you need assistance with the following:

  • Calculating pay
  • Calculating source deductions (CPP, EI, Tax) for the employee
  • Calculating the employer portion of source deductions
  • Completing your remittance form (PD7A) and making payment
  • Completing T4’s at year end
  • Completing a T4 Summary at year end
  • Completing a Record of Employment (ROE) when you terminate your employee….

Guardian can help. We offer a “payroll” package that includes detailed instructions on how to perform all the above along with easy to follow samples/examples of each process.

OR if you don’t have the time or simply are not comfortable dealing with any of the above, Guardian also offers a full-service payroll option. Contact us for more detail on the payroll services we offer.